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CELESP is providing the stuff made of chunks that you ever wished for organization’s processes. it’s all about innovation! We’re proud what we do! We take care of people; who take care of your Business!

CELESP is a provider of powerful ERP (enterprise resource Planning) software, with its uniqueness that it is built and designed for service industry. It is business management software—typically a suite of integrated applications—that a company can use to gather, store-up, manage and interpret data from various business activities, including: Product planning, cost management, manufacturing or service delivery, Marketing and sales. Currently CELESP is offering solutions for your most important assets-Its Human Resources; remaining ERP applications are in the roadmap to be developed & will be launched very soon. CELESP is the United Kingdom’s subsidiary of Brainlynx Limited. Currently operating throughout the UK/US/Pakistan/Saudi Arabia/India; however continuously expanding its marketplace worldwide at a rapid pace.


Customer satisfaction is our spirited mission.

When you need a quick, full-service HR software solution, CELESP just not meet but exceed your expectations and will empower you to achieve business objectives in cost effective manner. We help you to streamline all aspects of human resource management, including;

  • Tailored architecture; Buy Module you need
  • Customisation
  • On-premise OR cloud hosting
  • Dynamic HR dashboard
  • Price structure; pay-per user
  • Full support services
  • And more


Checkout our latest and trending features

Employee Self Service

Attendance/leave/Absence management, travel authorization request, Centralised procedures & policy, Reduce administration costs, permits staff to analyze & modify data. Read More

Manager self service

Empowers managers to drive, perform, and make better decisions- personalized access and informative workforce data- Recruit the right people. Read More

Dynamic HR Dashboards

Streamlining HR Features- massive workforce insights at a glance- up-to-date job task list-HR metrics visual displays on single screen. Read More

Applicant Tracking System

Control your entire Recruitment channel, vacancy information- advertising sources- recruitment expenses- interview arrangement, invitation letters, applicant assessment forms-offer/rejection letters. Read More

Powerful Reports

Results driven Reporting system- extensive company insight- Extract information from any workforce database- Easy Tool to generate Reports on everything. Read More

Time and Attendance

Keep track of employee clock hours- record their arrival, lunch breaks, departure and any additional break inside or out. Read More

HR Calendar

Never forget company’s any important date with CelespHR calendar including; Holidays, Sickness, Birthdays, Lateness, Meetings, Leaves, Events & workforce status. Read More

Payroll & Documents Management

Simplify the process of paying salary to employees & build a true no-paper work environment through online documentation. Read More


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Employee self service

CELESP HR puts focus on your Employees because Human Resources are the most important asset of any company.

  • Permits staff to analysis/modify information

The Employee Self Service module of CELESP allows the administrator to empower workers by providing them with access to their HR informative data individually, while keeping control of their records all together.

  • Workload reduction

Staff can complete their routine job tasks that a HR manager would usually has to do himself, such as using our HR software, employee can request/cancel a holiday, provide absence self certification, change/adjust their contact as well as bank details, view company policies, procedures & training course records.

  • Pep-up your memory

It is often simple to forget a holiday request that has been submitted a period ago to being taken. Via logging into the system, you can observe at a look when somebody is on holiday and if granting any more employee leave at that time would be right. You can also keep track of any change made in employee’s personal details.

  • Save Administration cost

Another Employee self service key advantage is that it allows you to cut your administration costs and improve communication among employees, managers and executives.

  • Keep data locked

Although employees like having some privacy and control over details of their work life, sometimes they do not want to share their private information with their colleagues. By using our software, everybody has the aptitude to restrict access to their sensitive data.

Manager Self Service

Our manager self service module empowers managers to drive, perform, and make better decisions. This software can authorize your company managers to supervise their employees and manage budgets more efficiently. Enable your company teams to pull required data and perform operations to make superior, smarter decisions for building and raising your labor force for future success.

This module is entirely integrated with the employee self service module within our HR software. It shares the exactly same tools so the processes can be identified, information data can be tracked and routed, staff files can be founded and edited easily plus additional reports can also be generated. Our software applications help managers in various purposes as to;

  • identify, maintain & save manager’s talented abilities
  • Recruit the right people while you require them
  • Make better decisions based on personalized access and informative workforce data

Dynamic HR Dashboards

Your dynamic HR dashboard is filled with elements for streamlining Human Resources. You can examine massive workforce insights at a glance, and keep up-to-date through checking your job task list.

CELESP HR gives a company’s most essential HR metrics visual displays (charts, reports, and other metrics) on a single screen, making it simple to the top level management and HR department to make important decisions. It can help to identify how your business is performing from an HR perspective against company goals.

Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

CELESPHR’s integrated ATS provides an efficient way to control your entire recruitment channel. We offer a user-friendly and a full inclusive module to empower your HR department to handle the recruitment process accurately from sourcing to hire an eligible candidate.

Control your entire Recruitment channel:

Keeping track of a company’s recruitment features has never been easier. Through CELESP’s ATS Module; you can solve the ambiguity of finding the right candidate you are looking for.

  • You can easily track the recommended job offer route-vacancy information- advertising sources- recruitment expenses- interview arrangement and relevant applicant details.
  • Our recruitment channel can automate communication for example interview invitation letters, applicant assessment forms, offer letters, rejection letters, references requests etc.
  • Here, you accept or reject candidates, include them to your faculty pool and sort them into fully customizable category you’ve created for them. You can send out emails plus letters. And for every candidate you accept, straightly go and add them to CELESP.
  • Our system can also store the candidate’s information you were impressed by, but couldn’t hire. This saves your time, money on upcoming recruitment drives by providing you an instant endowment pool you can easily access without contacting recruitment agency or re-advertising.

Powerful Reports

CELESP’s in-depth staff database reporting system includes a set of compelling reports particularly designed to grab the attention and disclose hidden insights. You can apply these inspiring reports to highlight the focused areas for business growth, or even for indicating improvements you’re making for your business.

Results driven Reporting system:

  • Find out accurate and timely data, expose hidden business costs, and show a complete demographics overview of your workforce. Our influential selection of reports is designed to assist you realize the genuine business impact of your workforce, plus to employ this data to grow.
  • Don’t waste your time on bar or pie-charts – draw striking demonstrations that matter, using CELESP’s outstanding set of pre designed reports. With just a few clicks, you can generate a persuasive, visual picture about your company via real facts and figures without I.T skills.

Time and Attendance

Want to keep track your company employees hours? An excellent and integrated time management module facilitates employees to record their arrival, lunch breaks, departure and any additional break inside or out also gives managers with detailed information regarding attendance, overtime & absence records etc.

Keep track of employee clock hours:

This HR module has every feature you could expect. It is designed so as easy to use you can be up with accurate time monitoring against work patterns. CelespHR offers seamless integration through most biometrics-devices, making it painless for you to use your existing finger-scan and card reader tool to collect your attendance data and transfer it into CelespHR.

HR Calendar

Never forget company’s any important date with CelespHR Calendar. Easy and simple to use HR software calendars offered in weekly, monthly or yearly formats. The calendar provides you a one-screen access to every occasion in your company, for instance: Holidays, Sickness, Birthdays, Lateness, Meetings, Leaves, Events, etc. CelespHR Calendar can also be integrated with Google Calendar.

  • Calendars have manifold views facilitate you to do the lot from seeing the status of a worker to comparing employees inside department all over the year.
  • Find information quickly at your fingertips and see at different levels starting from company-wide to the individual employee and ubiquitously in between.

Payroll & Documents Management

An incorporated Payroll in your HR Software will save your huge time required to generate pay-slips for your company employees. CelespHR Payroll assists you to submit with legal plus tax requirements also simplify the process of paying salary to your employees. CelespHR supports both month based salary and hourly earnings structure.

CelespHR allows you to build a true no-paper work environment by safely keeping all of your documents online. With CelespHR you don’t need to be anxious about finding various ways to share your company’s files with your employees. Simultaneously, it permits you to save sensitive employee data files by restraining their access to some specific personnel.


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